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In this current economic climate, it is more important than ever to have the competitive edge over the thousands of applicants for Oil and Gas jobs.Furthermore, our team can tailor your letter for a particular work or create a general one that you have an opportunity to adapt according to different jobs.BUSINESS PLAN FOR GEORGIAN OIL AND GAS. subsidiary providing domestic and international gas transit services,.We have written many resumes for clients wishing to transition out of the oil field or those changing careers into the oil and gas sector.Comprehensive financial planning service for oil and gas contractors.

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I still can not believe how much better my CV looks after Lee took less than 24 hours to re-write it and format it.

Moreover, our clients support service is working round-the-clock to ensure high-grade help to all customers and find the best solution for your writing needs.Unfortunately, the oil field industry has taken a huge tumble, and job losses are increasing.I contacted Lee and was immediately blown away by his efficiency and character.Oil and Gas Resume Sample One is one of three resumes for this position.

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How to change careers from oil and gas to transition to a new. 10 Ways to Change Careers from Oil and Gas to.CV Production Supervisor oil and gas. in Production Supervisor oil and gas.

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Do You Have the Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the Change.

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Even though you may not think you have any, everyone has transferable skills.Perhaps your new career of choice is a complete 180-degree turn from the oil field.

Detail large projects you worked on and how you contributed to their success.His knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry and professional attitude really came through for me.So, before you apply for a new job, make sure you have updated your resume and tailored the document, so it is no longer exclusive to the oil field.Maxipay International has been providing payroll solutions to the contractor market since 2001.Our experienced team of writers, editors, and administrator are here at your service to prepare a document of high standards according to all your requirements.Back to The Woodlands Jobs: Click on a resume below for more details.

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The last thing you want to do is add extra strain to key relationships.

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Furthermore, if you know someone who has previously transitioned from the rigs to another prosperous position, speak to him and find out if he can offer you any additional tips.Regardless of the position you held, you definitely earned good money while working on the oil rigs.He took the CV I wrote and turned it into a regular master piece.

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If this is the case, you may find you need to go back to school to earn additional credentials.

I am so glad I found Lee (The MD) and the service he provides.I was a time served Electrical Technician with 18 years experience onshore struggling to get a job in the offshore oil and gas sector.The layout and wording is excellent and far better than my old CV.Order today and enhance your career with the Oil Guru CV writing service.

Even though you are applying for a position outside of the oil field, these concrete statistics will show the reader that you can tackle problems head on and succeed.

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The ultimate goal is to demonstrate you can effectively transition from the oil field to the industry of your choosing.Industries Served - Resumes By Design. management and executive resume writing services for the.

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One opportunity that the downturn in the oil field affords you is the chance to apply for a job you always dreamed about, but never ended up pursuing.The economy may get worse, so embark on a change quickly before others discover procrastination is not working in their favor.

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However, if you are determined to remain within the oil field, there are still other opportunities out there for you.Did you join the rigs thinking it would only be a brief career, but became hooked on the money in the interim.You will also want to convey that you are capable of communicating and working with the local population to achieve company goals while maintaining respect for and the integrity of the locals.We all have financial commitments and must address them before they get out of hand.Someone who has recently been through this same process can often provide valuable information about what is of particular importance.